Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Thing 10

Twitter.  Was really not looking forward to this.  I have never seen the point of twitter and felt very strongly that I did not want to use it.  However, it would be good to know if my experience justified that feeling, so log in I did.  It felt like I was pressing the Destruct button and I was betraying all my instincts, which was to scream and run.  I expected this:

which to my mind is some of the most boring chocolate in the world.  No names.  I expect I am in enough trouble as it is.
However, after successfully registering and trying to think of people I wanted to "follow"  (nobody), I feel I am really struggling to comprehend what is going on.  I thought I was doing it right, but could not see my post on the feed and did not find Twitter Help much help either.  Obviously my difficulty is at such a basic level that even an idiot would not expect to seek help with it.  After an hour of feeling I was drowning in mud, and still unable to get my posts to show on the sot23 page, I gave up, went home and doodled a meeting with my son who is a twitterer of long standing.  Oh, how I love thee, Doodle - you  are so easy to use and so useful!
I feel a one to one to iron out my inadequacies is called for.  The harmless looking chocolate pieces had become distorted in my fractured mind:

Each twitter from another user taunting me with their ease and confidence.  And yes - boring me too (Sot23 excepted of course!)

I battled again this afternoon on the Enquiry Desk, and actually glimmers of light are beginning to come through, but am still looking forward to my one to one. Yes, dear Enquirer, that was indeed me with the hunched shoulders and haunted look.  I was right.  I shall never twitter again after this week.  And Hugh Jackman never replied to me.

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  1. I like reading your blog posts, Pam. Also it's reassuring to know I'm not the only one who doesn't get Twitter!